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What Is Blended Learning?

The term “Blended Learning” is used to describe a mix of learning environments that combines old and new resources for learning and development. This strategy creates a more integrated approach for learners.

Computer technologies and the Internet have led to explosions of knowledge, with a resulting increased need for people to process and utilize that new information. Fortunately, those same technologies also offer a wide array of surprising new possibilities for learning and development. Many of the technologies people think of as resources for staying connected with friends, and for entertainment, are being incorporated into formal Blended Learning programs.

Examples include everything from shared documents as places for people to both respond to training-related questions, as well as read and respond to each others’ answers, to You Tube videos that demonstrate important processes and practices that can be accessed via links sent out to work groups connected on Twitter. A range of Intranet and Internet services facilitate moderated group discussions, and work-based wikis and blogs. These integrate with and supplement more formal training that occurs in face-to-face training, Webinars, self-paced e-learning workshops, and 3D Virtual Training and simulations.

You can experience a short, sample e-learning workshop, and learn more about Training in the 21st Century’s Blended Learning solutions, by clicking below:

What blended learning tools have you found to be most beneficial in your organization, and why? Please share your experience using tools and techniques that worked for you by posting a response below.

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