We work with our clients to develop the most effective blend of training methods and tools that will meet their diverse needs. We use our experience in communication, facilitation, change management, analysis, and assessment to create training that incorporates a wide range of learning techniques and technologies emphasizing adult learning principles and practices supported by current brain research.

Training creation process

Working with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and existing resources, we create effective training to keep your employees engaged and at peak performance. We will work with you to convert face-to-face presentations into new, interactive, interpersonal formats; update existing e-learnings and information resources; and design, develop, and implement new curricula, including train-the-trainer components and assessments to evaluate learning.

Avatar-Based 3D Virtual Environment Training

Person being pulled through computer screen onto virtual beach

Our 3D courses are designed to be intriguing, engaging, and memorable for participants as they gain important knowledge and skills needed for their work. Face-to-face, instructor-led training sparks great ideas, broadens and deepens learning, and strengthens personal connections——important outcomes that are very difficult to achieve using most forms of virtual and remote training. Learning in 3d provides a sense of being with others, as well as opportunities for self-paced learning. Plus, it’s fun! Learning is enjoyable when it’s done right.

These environments provide a sense of presence with and connection to others as well as a feeling of dynamism. Interactivity makes training interesting, captivating, and unforgettable. Role playing and simulations enhance people’s ability to learn through the practice and application of new knowledge in real-life situations, which increases retention and utilization.

We offer many 3D training services. We design, develop, and facilitate new curricula including train-the-trainer sessions with additional assistance available for in-house trainers. And, we convert existing curricula into 3D interactive, interpersonal learning sessions with role plays, experiential and game based exercises, and discussions of key information. Currently available courses include Sexual Harassment (for employees and supervisors/managers), Change Management, and Communication and Teamwork.

Traditional Virtual Learning

Webinars, E-Learning, and Mobile and Social Learning are proven traditional forms of virtual training that save organizations time and money. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we work to synchronize relevant graphics, key words, and audio to reinforce key points and ensure that lessons are easy to follow, remember, and utilize.

We work with clients to identify important information to include in e-learning and mobile learning solutions; and we ensure the training is effective through assessments. By incorporating interactive elements, we enhance engagement, build comprehension, reinforce retention, and keep learning fun.

Person taking a course on their tablet

Our mobile lessons focus on key topics that can be completed quickly and easily by employees on-the-go. They are designed to be utilized in noisy, busy environments prone to interruptions. We work with you to keep them short, to-the-point, and clear——providing information learners can access on phones, tablets, or computers——anytime, anywhere.

Person taking a webinar

Social learning, or informal learning within organizations, plays a role in addressing organizational learning needs. Social media——such as videos, podcasts, internal blogs, wikis, team sites, etcetera——are used to facilitate employees ability to share knowledge and learn from each other. We offer guidance on how to develop these strategies and encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.


“I strongly recommend Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa for the work she has done for OurExperienceCounts.com. Her efforts on our workshops have moved static materials to real interactive e-learning. Working in conjunction with subject matter experts, she has taken materials and has brought them to life for end users. She understands the effective use of graphics, text, video and audio to take a concept from a drawing board idea to a finished product. Because of her business savvy and artistic strengths, she is a true expert at developing e-learning and other graphic materials.”

David Goldstein, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Our Experience Counts

“Carla has both profound knowledge and a thoughtful way of expressing it. Clients find it easy to engage with her regarding difficult and challenging situations. She has worked with Stonefield Learning Group on a variety of projects since January of 1994 with clients of private sector and governmental organizations. Her work has included conferring/consulting with client organizations; conducting organizational development needs analyses and developing recommendations; providing coaching, consultation and information to departmental managers, supervisors and employees; resolving conflicts; facilitating meetings of engineers and managers; and training managers and employees in teambuilding, communications and leadership development. Clients have included both private sector and government organizations.”

Peter Stonefield, President & Founder, Stonefield Learning Group

“The entire time I have known and worked with Carla (1995 on) I have been impressed with the passion and commitment she brings to everything she does. She is mentally very quick and integrates creativity and practicality every step of the way. Whatever she says she will do, she does. You can always rely on her competence and her enthusiasm to ensure any work is done well. And because she learns so much about any trend she is investigating, you have ready access to an expert consultant. I am very grateful to have her as a colleague and an associate.”

Sharon Mulgrew, Founder & Principal, Integration Strategies

“Carla worked with Collaborative Strategies researching use and best practices of Internet-based collaboration technologies. Her ability to communicate with end users and developers of these technologies and identify key issues enabled her to write valuable case studies. These case studies were a win/win/win, offering technology developers a way to convey the value of their products, giving end users a forum to convey to potential clients how they were utilizing resources to enhance their products and services, and contributing to the knowledge base Collaborative Strategies offered to its readers. Her communication and project management skills also played a role in her ability to manage several virtual projects and work effectively with our national and international clients. I’m pleased that the work she did for Collaborative Strategies and the insights she gained into best practices for these technologies are now being put to good use with her work developing innovative, creative and effective blended learning programs.”

David Coleman, Founder & Managing Directory, Collaborative Strategies